Interactive art of sound visualisation



令和5年度 文化庁メディア芸術クリエイター育成支援事業成果発表イベント「ENCOUNTERS」アーカイブ


ナカダリオ/Rio Nakada 

17歳.N高等学校2年生. 10歳から映像制作を始め,Premiere Pro,After Effectsを触るうち3DCGモデリング,アニメーション制作に興味が移行, AR(Augmented Reality)アプリの開発を始める.他,インタラクティブアート,ジェネレーティブアート制作を行う. PTSD.

所属団体 : N高,落合陽一塾,情報処理学会,鉱物友の会,JAPAN MENSA

受賞歴:Apple WWDC22 Swift Student Award winner,総務省異能vationジェネレーションアワード2021,2022,2023ノミネート,PCNこどもプロコン入賞, 文化庁メディア芸術クリエイター育成支援事業創作支援プログラム採択, 経済産業省デジタル等クリエイター人材創出事業『創風』採択


Rio Nakada /17 years old, 2nd year student at N High School. I started making films when I was 10 years old, and my interest in computer graphic modelling and animation production shifted after working with Premiere Pro and After Effects, and I started developing Augmented Reality application software. I also do interactive and generative art. PTSD.

Organisations : N High School, Yoichi Ochiai School, Information Processing Society of Japan, Mineral Friends Society, JAPAN MENSA.

Awards : Apple WWDC22 Swift Student Award winner, nominated for Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Hetero-vation Generation Award 2021, 2022, 2023, PCN Children's ProCon, adopted by Agency for Cultural Affairs Media Arts Creator Development Support Project, Creative Support Programme. Adopted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) for the project 'Sofu' for the creation of digital and other creative human resources.

Hobbies: Badminton, Japanese harp, clay art, fluid art


Self-introduction video 16yo version






My creative work revolves around my interest in the fusion of art and technology, real and virtual.

I make full use of Mixed Reality technology to create artworks that are the germ of possibilities and hope for the future.

I face my own suffering, sadness and despair on a daily basis and feel that this world is hell. On the other hand, I want to believe that the world is beautiful.

She sublimates these conflicting feelings into her works.